Plaintiff’s Work

Roy E. Link Law Office regularly acts for lenders when their mortgages are in default and a foreclosure action needs to be commenced. This keeps us current on all aspects of foreclosure law. Roy E. Link Law Office is also available to attend Chambers as agent for various out of town law firms.

Foreclosure Defence

Often an unexpected accident, illness, disability or job loss results in financial hardship that may make it difficult to meet your monthly obligations, including your mortgage payments. At Roy E. Link Law Office, we can provide insight and advice and guide you through the foreclosure process. We will ensure that your rights are protected and you are afforded every legal opportunity to save your property. We can also help you steer clear of companies who prey on the financially unstable.

If you need an agent to attend Chambers, need advice after being served with a Statement of Claim for foreclosure or need a lawyer to initiate a foreclosure action for you, contact Roy E. Link Law Office at 403-527-7736 or by e-mail at